The 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The U.S. presidential primary elections indicate a particularly demanding selection circumstance. The four nominees in the 2012 Florida Republican primary, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, all have strengths and weakness in the eyes of a Republican primary voter.

In this case scenario, these characteristics are explained by the candidates’ statements as well as their reported activities during the campaign. The Republican primary voter must use the information given to decide which candidate to support. Moreover, in political decision or a typical company, somebody picks on the basis of their personal preference. In a primary election, however, voters are suggested to consider the candidate they think can win the after presidential election, which greatly complicates the decision-making process.

The 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries case study solution

PUBLICATION DATE: February 26, 2013 PRODUCT #: W13043-HCB-ENG

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The 2012 Republican Presidential Primaries

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