Airwide International-China (A) Key Account Selling Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Amongst the top suppliers of commercial and residential air-conditioning systems in Europe, Airwide International had an increasing presence in the eye-catching markets of Asia. Raising competition from Chinese and international producers coupled with a sales organization developed primarily by hiring (from other businesses) and retraining have shaped a prototype of unequal sales.

For senior management, the performance of the Shanghai area surfaced as an area of concern at a recent national sales meeting. The transition from product selling to key account selling has met with obstacles; primary among them is the inadequate devotion of some region sales leaders. A review meeting with the sales leader in a Shanghai shows a number of the issues and offers the Sales VP a chance to examine the essence of Key Account Management.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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Airwide International-China (A) Key Account Selling

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