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Prada Case Study Solution

Improvement of Shopping Experience at Flagship Stores for Younger Target Group to Achieve Brand Digitization.

Before coming to any conclusion on that how Prada can improve the experience of younger target group at its flagship stores, an analysis of the current facilities and characteristics of the Prada Flagship Stores is mandatory. It could be seen from the Appendix 3, that the infrastructure of the Prada Flagship Stores is quite effective with everything placed on its proper place finely. The painting and the floor choice is also attractive. However, these things do not give a touch of modernity. All these thing although good, but are traditional, and are inefficient to attract the younger target group which ha growing technological shift.

In order to achieve the goal of brand digitization the company should initiate several facilities at its flagship stores which make an image of brand digitization in the minds of its targeted customers along with the improvement of the experience of younger target customers at its stores. In this regard, it could first place an automatic ordering machine at its flagship stores which could help the customers to place their orders at stores without the assistance of any store attendant. The machine should contain a card slot to help the customers to pay through the machine at the point of placing orders rather than going to counter for payment. Along with it, it could introduce machines that carry the shopping materials of the customers to the counter to relieve the customers from pain of carrying things to the counter. In this regard, it could also introduce Robots that aid the customers in carrying their bags to the counter and to their car as well. It should also introduce large digital screens at its stores which shows the product categories along with mention price, quantity and the shelf number to relieve the customer from searching products in the shelves. All these implementations would enable the company to improve the experience of its target customers and to achieve its objective of brand digitization.


Although, the company has a sales growth from 2017 to 2018 after four years, but this sales growth must be sustained for achieving the long term success. In this regards, the CEO Bertelli has decided to focus on younger target group and the brand digitation in order to fulfill the growing demands of consumers. It could target younger age group and achieve its brand digitation goal by extending its product portfolio by introducing brands that has a digital character and by improving customer experience at its flagship stores........


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