Tobacco Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Tobacco  Case Solution


The paper will highlight the problems and the major population segment that is exposed and suffers from this issue of being exposed to the tobacco. The paper will also highlight a series of protective measures for the suffering group by identifying the nature of the risks that they are exposed to with relation to the issue of tobacco use in the society and among the family.

Problem statement:

“The increasing use of tobacco in the community and the society is the major issue in the healthcare system today and the biggest victims of this healthcare and social issue are the younger children and the high school children who are being increasingly exposed and inclined towards it”.

This is a global problem as the children are suffering from this issue all over the world and there are two critical causes of this issue of the exposure of the children to the tobacco and its smoke. The first reason of this issue is the increased inclination of students at high schools towards adopting smoking and this is a major cause of concern for the healthcare institutions and governments all over the world.

(Pneumol., 2015)

The second major cause of increased exposure of tobacco for the children and students all over the world are the passive smoking experiences and effects. This is the most critical and biggest reason for the exposure of the children towards tobacco and it is seriously undermining their well-being and health.Surveys and studies have revealed that the children are being exposed to this experience of passive smoking in more than 20 countries all over the world. (Group, 2016)

Some are developing nations while the others are developed nations. This is the dilemma that the global healthcare organizations are facing in terms of well-being and safety of the children in these respective societies and nations.

The risks and protective factors:

Five core principles of ecological approach:

A survey carried out in about 8 high schools in the turkey revealed some shocking facts about the inclination of students towards smoking. The results of the survey will assist in understanding the causes and several dimensions of the issue.


The results revealed that 15% of the total strength of girls at these schools were smokers and almost all of the 43.7% of the boys at these schools were smokers. 75.7% of these students even had knowledge about the side-effects and hazards of smoking.

There is lack of knowledge of the high school students about the side-effects and the health complexities that can be caused by the tobacco inhaling. Even understanding and realizing while knowing the side-effects and dangers of tobacco use is the major cause of the increased adoption of tobacco use among the high school students.
In case of the passive or secondhand smoke, the children are mostly vulnerable due to their lack of control of the environment either at home or at schools. All these are the major causes in terms of the individual aspect of the tobacco use and inhaling.


The results also showed that most of these students stated that someone from their siblings or family and even some friends who they knew were smokers and this was the reason for them to get motivated toward use of tobacco. In case of passive smoking children, they are mostly exposed to tobacco from someone they know or share space with.

The proportion of second hand tobacco users is quite high among children in developing countries like Bangladesh and Indonesia with over 80% of the children being exposed to the smoke of the tobacco.Majority of these children are being exposed to the tobacco while being at home and this is a grave concern for the global health institutions...................

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