Deloitte Marketing Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Deloitte Marketing Strategy Case Study Solution


Deloitte Touche Limited is a global IT organization that offers IT solutions and consultancy services to other businesses in different Ares. The key areas of services include accounting, advisory, enterprise risk management, IT solutions, Audit and other professional services in industries like fashion, footwear so on and so forth. The company had expanded its operation over a period of time through mergers and acquisition and developed a competitive advantage in the market through these mergers.

Deloitte is one of the 4 biggest audit firms and one of the biggest advisory firm operations since the 1980's.It has turned itself into a global brand over a period of time by employing 170,000 employees in over 150 countries. Deloitte initiated its most famous merger in 1995, with Touché Company and thus named itself as Deloitte&Touche consulting group. It operates by the acquisition of top players of the market in IT industry to enhance its product offerings and services by offering innovative solutions while remaining cost effective in terms of operations.

The company offers its services in manufacturing, retail and service, travel & hospitality and Consumer products industry by dealing with multiple clients and offering those consultancy or Audit services. The competitive edge of Deloitte is its business strategy- which engraves frequents mergers, its human skills and it's diverse brand portfolio which hedges and minimize the risk of low sales and intense competition.[1]

2-   Industry Analysis

Deloitte operates in financial markets as a consultant agent company that offers the services of Taxation, audit, Risk Advisory, financial consultancy, and legal advisory. Under these services, the company offers accounting software solutions, document reviews, valuation services, project risk and continuity management advisory service, technological integration and IT control assurance to name a few. The company has expanded its functions and operations in similar categories and is ranked as the best consulting company around the globe.

Most of the Deloitte clients are located in IT industry and financial markets. The most eminent clients of Deloitte are Adobe, Southwestern airlines, Arden Mills and Yamaha. These all clients operate in different category and markets that depict unique market trend. The common trend all these market depict is the synchronization of IT into the business functions to reduce the element of human error and to improve the flow of information and data all over the organization.

Since with globalization and IT boom in the industry, all organization(be it in electronics, warehousing, oil & energy or stock markets)have started using the IT services and integrated software to improve the supply chain, enhance the business operation’s, improve the forecasting methods and meet the consumer demand on time. In doing so, all sectors have started using software like “Big Data” to capitalize the information consumer and then use t effectively and efficiently to tap and target the customer through customized offering and tactics that enhance the customer experience. Since globalization has lowered the barrier to expand the business in different regions, the industry has shown tremendous growth, which indicates the need for more integrated services and solutions that could offer the alliance and integration of business strategy uniformly through out the chain and for which Deloitte offers its services.

Also, the company by analyzing the political and economic landscape of the business, offers the consultancy and risks aversion techniques to mitigate the risks of failure and enhance the sustainability by accurate forecasting and risk measurement and since the wall of market have expanded, the company has to deal with different markets with different landscapes, through same corporate strategy.

Apart from a financial institution, the company caters the clients from oil and gas industry, (Southwest Oil & gas) where it offers the service of client management and supply chain software to enhance the efficiency of the chain and to improve the customer experience through an accurate offering that matches the demand of the customer.

Taking all the factors in account, Deloitte business strategy is designed in accordance with the industry and market trend which is moving towards efficient, risk less, error free backward integration services (accountings software’s, IT solutions) to enhance the operation activity of the business while keeping a close alliance with the market by analyzing the customer behavior to offer  asset of integrated solutions and services to enhance market share and customer experience. (Delliotte, 2015)[2]

3-    Over-View of Deloitte Marketing Strategy

Deloitte offers the service of consultancy, taxation and audit which are considered as the external functions of the company. In doing so, the company main customer bases is the clients or businesses operating in different categories hence developing the business strategy for the B2B business.

Delliotte and Touche Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The company targets its segment by dividing and differentiating its services according to the market it is serving. It tailors its services through high customization with the market demand and hence designs its market strategy accordingly.

Below are the marketing tactics the company uses to reach to its customer base.....................

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