Planning for a Healthy Community Approach to Disasters’ Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Overview of the Project

Being prepared is the only key to save millions of dollars’ worth of property and countless families from disaster that is known as the fury of wildfire.

From past experiences, I have witnessed that these emergencies can significantly increase the death and casualty rate in communities and more than this, the most serious issue is the post disaster consequences when there are a lot of chances for the outbreak of disease, hunger, and the identification of families of the deceased individuals. In this regard, there are certain plans that are prepared to entertain all the emergency conditions in a particular community. Pre and post strategies are also designed. Different agencies worldwide are working for the aid of mankind to fight with the worst and unexpected events.

Disaster is a regular and expected event either by means of natural disturbances or man-made possible plans which definitely affect the living and non- living existences on earth, i.e. the life expectancy, the properties and the industry, which results in a long lasting, permanent and drastically effective changes to human communities, the environment and the overall ecosystem.

The definition clearly shows that the disasters are extremely destructive & troublemaking which causes scarcity, distress, problems to survival, destitution, injuries and even high rate of death. The direct and severe injuries, disease outbreaks after the event and the major consequences lead to a drastic interruption in the commerce, industry and the business along with the complete and major devastation of all the infrastructures that include the houses, clinics and the hospitals and other major things like power lines, buildings, the central bridges and the main roads, etc. (Commerce, 2018).

The key issue to be study in this study is to pay focus on Wildfires and Fire Storms more specifically. It’s well known that human health can be severely affected by wildfires. Certain populations are particularly vulnerable. Wood smoke has high levels of particulate matter and toxins. Respiratory morbidity predominates, but cardiovascular, ophthalmic and psychiatric problems can also result. In addition, severe burns resulting from direct contact with the fire require care in special units and carry a risk of multi – organ complications

Wildfires have caused damage of more than 2,000 structures and have seen the deaths of countless people. The devastating losses of homes, businesses and loss of lives are bound to affect areas such as public health because there is a lack of sanitary processes to do things. For example, hospitals, clinics and other health institutions have been destroyed and attempts to treat people after the impact of the phenomena is difficult due to lack of supplies. (Lott, 2015)Sonoma County has been the most affected with the recent Tubbs fire leaving swaths of Santa Rosa destroyed and scores dead and more having quality of life deteriorating as a result of lack of health access. The fires that occurred resulted in destruction of homes and businesses and resulted in more than 175,000 people fleeing their homes and businesses. The fire was 0% contained and spread more than 27,000 acres causing damages...................

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