Wal-Mart in 2005 A Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

As 2004 comes to an end, Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, turned to various stakeholders of issues. The largest company in the world, which took first place in the Fortune 500 for several years, was accused, among other things, sending jobs overseas, destroying small town America, pays its employees wages and poor provision of terrible health coverage and discrimination against women and minorities. Many observers blame the retailer to bypass or ignore the principles on which the legendary Sam Walton founded: respect for the individual, customer service and ongoing commitment to excellence. As 2005 began, Wal-Mart General Manager H. Lee Scott and other Wal-Mart executives have to solve various issues. This case in detail not only the growth of Wal-Mart and its remarkable capabilities and strategies, and the retail was inadvertently found herself with such a negative reputation. "Hide
by R. Edward Freeman, Jenny Mead Source: Darden School of Business 35 pages. Publication Date: January 18, 2006. Prod. #: UV1346-PDF-ENG

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Wal-Mart in 2005 A

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