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            The paper attempts to describe the analysis of the company through the application of SWOT analysis along with identifying various critical issues faced by the company. The paper also attempts to provide the three major components of the strategy which is being implemented by the company. Furthermore, the paper also highlights the implementation steps along with its sequence. Lastly, the paper also aims to discuss the relevance of the recommended strategy with the issues that have been described earlier.


SWOT Analysis


            Ben & Jerry is an established brand in the United States with its strong present in the ice-cream industry. The company is known for its brand equity, and a repute to build an image as a fairly successful company. Furthermore, the company has a global presence in the region of the United States, in the Asian market, and in the European region.

The company is also known for performing various social responsibility activities which shows that Ben & Jerry care about the company. The company has donated $1.1 million of profits which had been earned before tax, were distributed to philanthropic causes annually.

The name of the company’s ice-cream products are very attractive as it forces an individual to perform impulse buying. Along with this, the company has a huge business portfolio under its belt which allows the company to earn revenues from various other business units.


            Although Ben & Jerry have been earning good profits in the US region, but the company did little efforts to display its strategies correctly in foreign markets. The foreign markets only accounted for 3% of the total sales for the company. This shows that the company’s international exposure and developing the right strategies to enter a particular market is weak.

Along with this, it also shows the adaptability of the company according to the environment of that particular country. Ben & Jerry is not recognized for professionalism in its management and its corporate culture,

            The company does not look concerned about the various business issues it has been facing and has done very little to fix these issues. Furthermore, in order to lease a capital to manage automation in their production system to introduce innovative products, the company chose an option which had a long process in order to gain a strong presence in the US market and in global arena.

The company’s revenues have been declining, while it also have a huge debt which needs to be repaid to the financial investment companies. Lastly, the suppliers of the company has higher bargaining power because of the complex and specialty nature of the orders posed by the company.


            The company can introduce products that could target health conscious customers that considers eating ice-crème tends to make them fat and obese. Therefore, the company can enter the particular market with an aim to introduce products which remains healthier and has a presence of ingredients which represents health and nutritious.

Furthermore, Ben & Jerry also have an opportunity to expand the company in the South American region in which most competitors including Ben & Jerry has yet to enter. South American is a large market and represents many potential customers which are waiting Ben & Jerry to launch their products.

Running Head Ben & Jerry Case Analysis Case Solution

            Along with this, the company should develop its international market which allows the company to only enter in those regions in which the company’s resources and capabilities could be utilized as most effective. Japan for one is considered as a potential market with the highest percentage of ice-cream sold in the region.

The company shall enter through various means either by opening their own setup, or collaborating with the local partner. Moreover, the company shall also have an opportunity to develop new innovative ice-cream products which shall be admired by its potential market. Increase in variety of products would allow the company.


            The company has been constantly changing its target market which could be dangerous as it would develop a confusion in the minds of customers which may does not allow consumers to make impulsive buying. Due to economic downturn, the consumers in the US market and in around the world, the spending power of consumers have been decreasing which restricts consumers in purchasing an expensive product.

The consumers are also concerned about consuming fattening products which makes them obese. Due to the poor economic conditions, the major players in the industry are performing various acquisition or merger strategies to take over an organization. ................

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