Halloween Game Proposal Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Halloween Game Proposal

            The budget for the Halloween Game Season 2016 is $ 200. The costs for the wining items and cash prizes have also been provided. First of all, the probabilities for a minimum of the 1000 customers have been calculated for winning the grand prize, car, TV, bag of candy and a single piece of candy. 100 customers have been set as the minimum number of the customers who are expected to play the Halloween Game.

This expectation is from the GM of the company. Therefore, the probabilities for winning the above prizes at the Halloween have been calculated for the corporate headquarter requirements. One of the corporate headquarters’ requirement or constraint is that only 1 person could win one game at the Halloween.

Therefore, it could be said that out of the 100 customers which are expected to play the game, there would be maximum 5 customers who would be able to win the prizes.

So after calculating the probabilities of winning the prizes for 100 customers, the probability for a single customer for winning the 5 prizes has been computed and then based upon the costs given for each winning items. The probabilities and the total costs for the Halloween Game are shown in the table below:

Corporate Headquarter Requirements:Probability for 100 CustomersProbability for Single CustomerCost
Customers Winning Grand Prize



 $ 60.00
Customers Winning Car



 $ 12.50
Customers Winning TV



 $ 25.00
Customers Winning a bag of candy



 $   0.02
Customers Winning Piece of Candy



 $   0.03


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Halloween Game Proposal

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