One CEO’s Trip From Dismissive to Convinced Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 1994, when Interface Inc.'s initiator and CEO Ray Anderson began to contemplate about his heritage, it made him uneasy. So at age 60 Anderson broke with the old model and began afresh. Standing up to naysayers (whose ranks included associates, providers and Wall Street analysts), he set out to transform Interface from a traditional business built on consumption and waste to one whose focus - that is, beyond prosperous growth - would be zero waste and restoring the world.
One CEO's Trip From Dismissive to Convinced Case Study Solution

Since the commencement of the journey, his connections and Anderson have confronted technical hurdles that no one could have expected. But inch by inch, kilowatt-hour by kilowatthour, recycled pound of carpet by recycled pound of carpet, Anderson's vision has moved closer to reality. In addition to turning increasingly efficient in its energy and materials exploitation - for example, 89% of interface international electricity and 28% of its entire energy come from renewable sources -Interface prides itself on the way it can turn an increasingly large percent of its carpet into new product. It is also proud of the influence its sustainability efforts are having on other companies. This article presents a timeline showing how Anderson's "mental model" altered and how he and his business moved along the road to sustainability.


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One CEO’s Trip From Dismissive to Convinced

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