Tour Planning at Cirque du Soleil Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Louise Murray, vice president for planning and partnerships at the Tour Cirque Du Soleil, was informed that the company has received two unsolicited offers partnership to present the show in Istanbul, Turkey. Both proposals are serious and projects that are of potential interest. The first proposal comes from a state agency, in partnership with the city of Istanbul, while the second was represented by one of Turkey's leading media group. Louise Murray must now decide on the suitability of the destination and analyze the proposals themselves. It also needs to evaluate various scenarios for the insertion of this appointment in the planning horizon Cirque and choose the best one. Choice of employment and the type of partnership agreement for negotiations with potential promoter must also be decided. Deadlines imposed by suggesting possible for Louise to make a critical assessment of the flexibility of the planning process, which it is working to standardize the last few years. The case thus encourages broad reflection on the delicate balance between flexibility and standardization in the context of an organization that continues to have a strong culture of circus. Thus, the case is an opportunity to think about the organization of the planning process and to suggest improvements. "Hide
by Marie-Helene Jobin, Jean Talbot Source: HEC Montreal Centre for case studies 32 pages. Publication Date: March 1, 2011. Prod. #: HEC025-PDF-ENG

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