New Science: Pioneering The Inside Sales Revolution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In the year 1979, Steve Trumble established a company named New Science as an IT research and analytics firm that mainly focuses on IBM products. After 10 years of its establishment, thecompany reported the annual revenues of 27 million dollars and had offices in different regions of Europe and North America.In the year 1998, Saatchi and Saatchi acquired the company and it helps the company to increase its market share on the international level. As Saatchi and Saatchi were providing capital support to the company. Then in the year 1993, thecompany went public.
After experiencing the rapid growth since 1988, Follett Cater “executive vice president of sales” was focusing on providing the better services not only to the big accounts but also to the small accounts. As this new segment of small accounts has added to its customer base and now thecompany has to satisfy the needs of these accounts.
New Science Pioneering The Inside Sales Revolution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

These small accounts were creating problems for the field sales representatives, as they have to give more time to these accounts and they were having problems solving customer service question regarding the delivery, billing and renewals. Carter was very anxious regarding attaining the target sales of the year 1996 as customer retention plays an important role in the long-term growth of the company and above problems were limiting the customer retention.
Carter thought that Inside sales team would be the solution to this problem, and there were some serious issues that were associated with the inside sales team. Some issues was regarding he team structure andnumber of team members, as he has the budget of hiring the 20 field sales representatives so he has to decide how many inside and outside representative should be hired.
So he has to take some serious steps to tackle these problems and attain the target sales.

Carter was facing following issues
1. But how should we structure this team?
2. How many field representatives should we have and how many inside sales representatives?
3. How do we onboard an entirely new organization?
4. How do we structure compensation given the new dynamic?
5. How do we convey sales goals to the new organization and track sales metrics?
6. - Do we further segment customers by vertical as well as region?
7. - How do we integrate sales teams that are coming over from all the new acquisitions?”
Inside Sales
Inside sales are referred to the sale of product and service by the sales team who reach to the customers throughphone and online, rather than travelling to meet the customers. Inside sales rely on phone, emails and internet to reach the customer and provide them better services while answering their queries. Inside sales team is very proactive about communicating potential customers and dealing with their queries. (Krogue, 2013)
In this technological era, this sales model has been becoming the dominant sales model as it is the cost-effective model for the companies. Inside sales team works in an office setting with limited travel opportunities and more structured schedules. The primary method of increasing revenues through sales team is through making calls and emails to the new customers and sell your product and services to that customer................

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