Montague Corporation: Unfolding the Future in Cycling Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Montague has developed a leading innovation that creates a new sub-class in the cycle business: a full-sized, high-quality bicycle that folds. In contrast to present small-wheeled folding bicycles that are mobile, but with inferior performance characteristics, the Montague folding bicycle has the look, feel, and performance of a standard bike. However, while the company has experienced remarkable success since its foundation, it has yet to reach widespread adoption of its initiation.

Montague Corporation Unfolding the Future in Cycling Case Study Solution

What should the company do to raise penetration? How can Montague defeat the reputation of folding bicycles as poor performers and convince consumers, dealers, and others of the quality of its bicycle? How can the firm get the initiation to be even noticed by consumers when the bicycle looks just like a regular bicycle? To put it differently, how can Montague balance the need to look like a regular bike in order to achieve authenticity with the need to signal value by looking different? What market segment should Montague be targeting - customers looking especially for a folding bicycle, or consumers interested in a full-sized bicycle but for whom the folding feature might add worth?

PUBLICATION DATE: December 04, 2007 PRODUCT #: 808087-PDF-ENG

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Montague Corporation: Unfolding the Future in Cycling

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