SOCIAL MEDIA-BIG SKINNY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Social media-big skinny Case Study Solution 

2a) Picking Best keywords

  • The keywords will be developed on the basis of the prior understanding as to what are the commonly used words that the customers use while shopping for wallets.
  • Keywords which are most common and have wide horizon of meaning like thin, sciatica, nylon, weight shall be used, as these words serve multiple meanings.
  • A set of opposites and relational words shall be taken in the keyword, so the description and detail may match with the high rated google awards.
  • Health and fitness content shall be included in choosing the keywords. This will allow the company to target different types of customers.

2b) Best Keywords

  • The first thing will be to develop a rationale about the mindset and demographics of the end-users and then incorporate the knowledge into the establishment of the Keywords.
  • Most of the common keywords which relate with the product offerings and features shall be used. In doing so, keywords such as light, sciatica, wallet, nylon, pain, leather and weighed shall be used which have vast horizon of meaning, thus capturing maximum customer base.
  • Using skinny wallets in maximum place in the key word optimization will create brand awareness and in fact tap the brand conscious customer base more precisely.
  • The medical terminologies shall be incorporated, as that will allow the company to tap and target different sets of customers belonging to different domain, thus increasing visibility.

3a) Ad-rank

  • The aim is to reduce the cost and increase number of choices. In order do so, the advertisement content will be specific with regards to the interest of the customer, as excessive ads distract the customer to other website, due to which there will be a balance of ads and frequency.
  • High bidding will be pursued in order to stand outside the competition, and the effective use of PPC, which will guarantee the visibility and reliability of the material, placed at right position
  • Placement of the advertisement will be bid at high rates in order to ensure the right reach of the product.
  • The bid rate will be 3.90 to ensure the reach to the niche.

3b) If the score point is evenly distributed and all players receive test same score, then the company will end up biding low as 3.50.This will ensure the sustainable rank with cost effective technique.

3c) By getting in the top list, we will make sure of the following things:

  1. The conciseness of the content will be practiced I order to give a quick idea of the product within 30 seconds.
  2. The use of effective keywords with proper precise definition with the addition of such keywords, which touches different domains of knowledge-healthcare.
  3. The effective search and browsing within the website will be offered, which will connect the customers and will engage them through careful analysis of the choices that the customers would make or click in the first 30 seconds
  4. There should be effective use of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, LinkedIn, printers . In addition to this, the blogger will be taken on board who will feature the offerings on continuous basis of different website. A technique of customer engagement will be followed by creating the platform, which would lead to a positive word of mouth.

4) Connect Strategies

Mobile Application

To market and enhance the product visibility, Big wallets can develop a mobile application which is both android and iOS supported and that it takes little space in the phone. The application will contain the trimmed content that is useful to the customer with light images to speed up the loading, as a result, leading to the customers making immediate decision. The application will engrave light data and content, which will offer quick checkout, so that the customers will not leave the baskets empty or un served.


The company can increase its visibility and sales by collaborating or maintaining alliance with any of the mediocre retailor in the market, who has a big customer base, relatively super stores, with flashy corner or stall which will engage customers and may increase the sales.

Social Media

A continuous engagement with the end-user in the form of social interaction will increase the virality of the product.By doing so, the company can connect through open-end platform where customers can ask about their queries and will be answered by company’s representative, or through posting of testimonial which will build the trust of the customers in the company’s offering.

5) As the marketing officer of the Big Wallet, there are certain things that will be put into consideration in order to maximize the vitality of the product.In doing so, there are following things ranking highest to lowest priority to connect with customers.

SOCIAL MEDIA-BIG SKINNY Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



  • Effective interface- The interface of the website plays avital rolein attracting more customers. The content and the visuals of the website will be highly catchy and engaging and easy to browse which a normal person can even understand easily.
  • Language- The language creates the understanding of the client.The language will be incorporated in a way that only in a few words it would explain the essence and the takeaways of the whole content. by saving time
  • Loading time- Most of the times,the websites take so long to load the content that eventually the customer moves or closes the window. In order to attract the customers, the loading time will be immediate, which will be achieved by light files displayed at the home page, main the home page light and easily loadable. As a result, this would make the customers stay at the site; through this the company can measure the contentment of the customer through the time it spent on the website.
  • Customer satisfaction survey- A continuous survey with the customers can offer great analysis of the comer experience with the website. In doing so, the company can design a questionnaire minimum of 7 questions, which will be prepared just before the checkout point, and will require only 3 minutes. Through the customers’ responses, the company will measure the satisfaction of the customer.
  • Brand Attribute Survey- This metric will allow the company to gauge the extension and integration of the company’s offering with the customer demand as well as it will help in gauging if the customers and company are on the same page.....................

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