Cocoa Petes Chocolate Adventures (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

On Labor Day, 2002, Cocoa Pete's Chocolate Adventures launched its small selection of fine chocolates on high-end supermarkets in the Bay area of ​​San Francisco. The company's founder, Pete Slosberg, has carved a niche of stagnant chocolate industry, where he thought he could start to flourish. His strategy was largely derived from the business strategy of his previous success: Pete's Brewing Company (manufacturer Wicked Ale Pete). Important was the determination of cocoa Pete replace their production facilities with enough equipment more chocolate. Gourmet Chocolate Cocoa Pete positioned as irreverent and fun, capitalizing on change in the American palette, where more staid brands gourmet seemed unreachable. Throughout the strategic planning and implementation of the product, Slosberg and Cocoa Pete CEO Scott Barnum pushed to change the industry. "Hide
by Glenn Carroll, Greg Powell Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 14 pages. Publication Date: November 30, 2004. Prod. #: E187-PDF-ENG

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