Motorola and the RAZR Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

After a few months, Motorola has gone from favorite cell phone market "cool innovative companies with quality to match," according to CEO Ed Zander to a certain high percentage, but unprofitable, phone manufacturer, it was at the beginning of 2007. Both derive from the identity management and profitability phone RAZR. At introduction, RAZR was valued at $ 500 - $ 800, in 2007, it was often a free service contract. But the new director of marketing Kasey Keller sees a future for RAZR: "The company plans to keep the RAZR as a premium brand of frequent updates, but does not allow him to become commoditized and eventually disappear."
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Lauranne by Buchanan, Carolyn J. Simmons Source: Thunderbird School of Global Management 8 pages. Publication Date: November 8, 2007. Prod. #: TB0077-PDF-ENG

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Motorola and the RAZR

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