MJINI Understanding the Urban Youth Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


MJINI is operating in the urban youth market. It came into existence in 1999 after the great efforts of two graduates named Jeff and Patrick. Their main focus was on the consumers’ lifestyle, their tastes and the buying trend that was being followed in the markets currently, which the entrepreneurs were finding difficult to fulfill.

Jeff and Patrick thought that they could communicate with youth, they could also build respect in the urban youth market by fulfilling customer’s desires.

The market in which MJINI is operating is less competitive therefore, it can become a market leader by approaching those areas that are being missed out by other competitors. Furthermore, MJINI was formed as a consulting enterprise that was able to assist other enterprises in order to reach the areas they were unable to reach before.

Despite this they were quite successful, but as a new company they had to take into account the type of recruits, how they will train the new recruits, do they have the ability to raisefinance respectively. MJINI is mainly involved in working as a research consultant for the enterprises that mainly produce footwear products and accessories like hats, leather jackets and platinum jewelry for the urban youth community.


Is it an interesting business opportunity? Why?

After an intense research, Jeff and Patrick’s Grassroots Network developed at a quite good speed. Despite this, the business opportunity that they were about to face seemed to be quite interesting at first because they are moving into Related-Diversification respectively. In order to stick to this strategy, they also had to face the opportunity costs because there were other opportunities available, but they did not seem as much as important as compared to coming into action with the good “Brands Jeans” available in the market.

On the other hand, MJINI is also approached by Converse Inc, in order to promote the basketball sneakers. This is a good opportunity for MJINI because Converse also worked with Arnold Communications. However, the terms that have been presented to them by Converse are not comfortable for Jeff and Patrick to agree with. Otherwise, this business opportunity seems to be good overall.

Furthermore, the business between Converse and MJINI is an excellent opportunity because it resulted in very healthy returns to MJINI. The expenses have been paid by Jeff and Patrick’s client. Despite this, by having good business relations, MJINI would be able to grasp the opportunity to do more and more business with Converse Inc in the future. Converse Inc may also ask them to give an advice upon a variety of different sneakers and storyboards for advertising campaign respectively.

Apart from Converse Inc, MJINI is able to grasp the business opportunity with the brand name “Jeans Co”. The task given to MJINI is to gather information from the respondents not only the company’s products, but also about the company’s brand image. MJNI performed different programs at schools and community centers and also included phone calls in order to come to know about the response of customers about Jeans Co. Therefore, after the research was conducted, the results were not very attractive because most of the respondents did not even consider brand name Jeans into the acceptable category of products.

The reason of such ignorance is the ads that have been used by brand name Jeans has only for a white segment of the urban market community. Therefore, they should think about it in order to overcome this discrimination to become a well-known brand and to achieve a strong footing in the urban community. In a survey that is conducted by MJINI, the respondents are asked about the ‘’Brand name Jeans’’ but they are not happy with its current image because there are many other brands available in the market.

However, the company is able to take a better approach in order to fulfill the demand of consumer’s in the urban youth market so as result now the consumer rating about the features that have been incorporated by brand name Jeans are quite high. This seems to be a valuable opportunity for MJINI because the company is operating in the same market in which MJINI is about to enter.

MJINI Understanding the Urban Youth Market Case solution

This business contract was the most attractive one for MJINI because it took a sufficient amount of time to finalize the deal and MJINI almost charged them $19,000. However, what they learnt from this project is that they will be able to generate profits from different ventures effectively...................

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