DONG Energy: Clean and Reliable Energy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Shade cases must be printed in colour to maximize their effectiveness. The head of Denmark's largest energy group pondered how to utilize their limited resources to improve the delivery of clean and reliable energy. The Danish State owned DONG Energy had began life as an importer and dealer of petroleum and petrol. Under the direction of the current CEO, Anders Eldrup, the company had become an energy group, present in all steps of the gasoline and petroleum value chain and particular, in the EU market leader in offshore wind energy. As a programmer and operator of wind farms, it was one of the world's leaders.

In 2011, the company faced several strategic questions including whether and where they ought to continue investing in offshore wind and the best way to identify the following key growth businesses of the future.

PUBLICATION DATE: January 31, 2012 PRODUCT #: 312108-HCC-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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DONG Energy: Clean and Reliable Energy

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