MIS America Grupo Santander, Spanish Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In February 2005, Jesus Cepeda, Manager of Grupo Santander's Management Control Region, reviews a Chilean pilot test of a fresh management information system, MIS America. Grupo Santander, a world-wide financial institution, had grown rapidly through acquisitions in recent years, giving rise to a great need for dependable, timely info to help Santander managers compare functionality across globally distributed units and make better tactical and operational conclusions. Top executives just disaggregated info and had an urgent need for both merged. The pilot test in Chile had endured numerous delays.The first plan had defined that following the Chile pilot, the fresh system would be rolled out throughout Latin America, but Cepeda was not certain if he was ready to authorize the rollout. This case study highlights the information systems challenges associated with rapid growth via acquisition. The challenges presented by this complicated and large job are related to many IT projects in other businesses and geographical settings.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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MIS America Grupo Santander, Spanish Version

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