How to Prevent Your Customers from Failing Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clients are often involved in a project or service, and in this respect, they function as co-producers of services. What happens when the client is not able to function effectively? Client failure is not uncommon, the research shows that customers are responsible for about one-third of all service issues. Failure to examine the client and its prevention, the authors conducted interviews with managers and clients in various sectors of the customer experience failure, developed case studies related to this topic, and conducted secondary research to identify best practice in client to prevent bankruptcy. The authors concluded that the recovery of client instances of failure is complex and that the company should focus instead on preventing them. Efficient three phases: diagnostic data about where the client crashes, the root causes of abandonment (eg, technology, people, process issues), and to establish preventive solutions, such as process redesign. The authors provide examples of companies that are trying to prevent customer failures. For example, Weight Watchers International, Inc customers can offer each other encouragement at meetings and thus helps to prevent each other from falling into their weight loss plans. "Hide
by Stephen S. tax, all Colgate, David E. Bowen Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 11 pages. Publication Date: April 1, 2006. Prod. #: SMR201-PDF-ENG

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How to Prevent Your Customers from Failing

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