IT-Led Business Transformation at Reliance Energy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The takeover of Bombay Suburban Electric Supply Ltd (BSES) in 2003 (eventually renamed Reliance Energy) marked the foray of Reliance Industries Ltd into the power transmission and supply organization. The power segment, inundated by bureaucratic controls and limitations on demand and supply, offered little managerial discretion to change the standard drivers of growth and profitability. The case exemplifies Reliance Energy leveraged technology to transform its strategy and operations to be able to create international standards of customer service and operational excellence in the Indian power sector.

Students learn about the risks that are substantial in technology-driven transformations and their critical success factors, such as complementary changes in firm structures and business processes. Was the digital transformation of the company a success? What were the lessons learnt from this transformation?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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IT-Led Business Transformation at Reliance Energy

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