Mind tree: A community of communities Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case illustrates the future strategy of the Indian based IT Company Mind tree.The companystarted its operations in 1999, with the small team to offer the Knowledge managementservices and consulting services to the IT companiesand different industries. In an attempt to utilize the power if IT in streamlining the businesses operations while to attract the foreign businesses to outsource the business in India. In current circumstances, the company is planning to reach the 1 million worth companyand for that the management has developed the 5*50 initiative to rebuild and redevelop the organizationalstrategy and culture in order to reach the goal.While the IT industry in India is competitive and emerging, the Mid-sized companies face the obstacles in moving up in the industry to stand against the big giants. However, the competitive edge of theMind tree of having strong team, culture andknowledge managementskills can lead the company to sustain its position and elevate its market share in the Indian market. Though it seems difficult in thecurrent situation,but the right implementation of strategy and cultural change can help the company in overcoming the ceiling effect and developing a strong position in the market.
Keywords: Cultural integration, Team synergy, Organizational structure, IT management, Knowledgemanagement.

The Mind tree organization is an IT based company located in Bangalore with its sub-branches in Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Thecompany startedits operation in 1999, with the aim to offer theIT consulting services and knowledge managementservices to different industryplayers.Since the Indian market is highlycompeted market in terms of offering the ITservices and is regarded asthe hub of expert services atlower laborcost. Suchfeatures of the Indian market have attracted the FDI to outsource or partner with the Indianfirms in an attempt to achievethe maximum level service at low cost.Utilizingtheopportunity, Mind tree succeeded in gaining the $250 million worth in theStarting 6 years of its business, whichhas been a huge success,since the market of India is held by the 6 major players, namelyInfosys, Tata group, Mahindra group to name few.
In addition to this, since the market is firmly held by these giantplayers, it is rarely possible forth midsizecompany to excel and reach into $1 billion in worth.Hence in order to elevate theposition and market share, the mind tree management is planning to leverageitsexpertise in knowledgemanagement and IT consulting services to gain more revenues and to cut back the net of the giants in the Indian market.
Also, in order to succeed in the plan, the management has devised the 5*50 strategy which outlines thedevelopment of the new strategies and business projects to exceed thecompany’s earnings and revenues. In doing so, the management gave the empowerment and authority to the employees in developing the sound projectsand then to lead it till the end. Moreover, since the company has strongteam culture and the community system that is based on class value (caring, learning, achieving sharing and social responsibly) the company hasdeveloped a pool of highly talented, self-motivated employees that would help the Mind tree in achieving the highest performance level and productivity in the market...................

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