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Summary of Topic 5

As per my learning, it reflects the fact that you should forget every problem that you are facing and move forward by analyzing it positively. In addition to this, it also means that overlook the problems you might be suffering while assuming that you can complete the task in any case, after which these problems become inappropriate. Understanding the nature of the uncertainty is also important for managing and solving the problems in well-organized approach. However, overlooking the problems will help to increase the problem solving and evaluating skills of the person that will also be helpful for future uncertainties.

In organization, it is essential to examine the challenges while performing different tasks as it will enhance the performance and productivity of work. Secondly, if the person assess and measures the problems during the work without any fear, then it will help in understanding the complexities of the tasks. Additionally, it will also enhance the ability to measure any expected future risks. On the other side, if a person feels the pressure or get threatened by these challenges, then it will badly affect the productivity and performance of the person in the organization.

These need to be applied in practice as it will improve the motivational level that may help in enlightening the personal growth of the person. Experience the problems with a positive attitude in order to avoid the adverse consequences of it that affects the efficiency of different activities.

Summary of Topic 6

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" is an often used part of William Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliet, in which Juliet actually emphasis on a fact that it really does not matter to her that if Romeo belong to another house of Montagu. She believes that it really doesn’t matter that from which category a person actually belongs to. The person’s race and background don’t matter a lot.  Additionally the reference is frequently used to imply that the names and such external attributes of things do not affect the person internally. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet get together and actually fall in love with Shakespeare's lyrical book.

They are hopeless from the start as they are the members of two warring families and they were worried that it this difference in families might create issues later on. Here Juliet explains to Romeo that a name is a fake and worthless convention, and she further added that she loves the person who is known as "Montague", not the actual Montague name and even not the Montague family. Romeo, out of his obsession for Juliet, throw-outs his family name and vow, as Juliet the girl actually asks, to "deny his father" and as an alternative be "new baptized" as only Juliet's lover.

This one small line encapsulates the vital struggle and disaster of the play, and is known as one of Shakespeare's most well-known quotes across the world. The girl had completely fallen in love with the boy and told him that the she is sincere with her by letting him know that these all external elements has no role to play in their love story and it really doesn’t matter either from which house he belongs to. In these lines the writer tries to mention that when it comes to true love so these things actually doesn’t matter. This is the reason that this love story is famous across the world and it reflects the sincere relationship.

Summary of Topic 7

The words of William Shakespeare clearly admire the creativity of God, who has created this human being. Man is a very complex creation and is simply a masterpiece of God. The human being is now progressing by leaps and bounds due to capabilities given to him by Almighty God. He is a true example of intelligence as well as an example of emotions. One can find any characteristic in this creation. His body consists of such systems and processes that render everyone speechless. Though he is made up of mud, but he is a collection of numerous qualities and enormous talent.

On the other hand, he is buried under the soil. Besides all the abilities and qualities, he will ultimately see a grave. This is the bitter reality and an unquestionable truth. This truth shows us that no one is permanent in this world. One has to depart and leave his position for the other. Another person has to replace him sooner or later. There is no other option for this situation. So, it is necessary that the person replacing him should not be the one who is inferior to him in order to maintain the system at current position. This idea throws light on the importance of replacement of a person in the business and professional environment as well..................................

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