For the Love of the Good Food: The Plat trace Project (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For the Love of the Good Food:  The Plat trace Project (A) Case Solution


The case is about to make the changes in the Ontario local food industry in order to evaluate the neighbor food business and connect it with the local supply chain mainly the farmers within the Niagara region. In running the business, there are so many stakeholders and the case demonstrates the challenges faced by each stakeholder.  The objective of the case is to evaluate the farming industry and to investigate the Canadian market and amendments in technology that enables to develop and enhance the logistics and distribution channel.

1.      What is For the Love of Good Food business model? By business model, I mean the essential components of their desired competitive advantages, including the way in which the company aims to make a profit.

The company is striving hard for technological innovation in order to produce high-quality food in more cost effectively and efficiently manner that will lead to an increase in the urban growth, as well as improvement, is food sector economically. Previously, the business model was involved in the supply of food directly from the farmers but currently the business uses a number of the network that provides the raw food in the restaurant.

The business model involves the set of the network that restaurant receives food and finally comes in the client's plate. It includes: the farmers harvest the food and store it, and then the food is shipped to the warehouse for packaging, then it is received by the wholesaler by the carrier, and finally distributor transport the wholesale produce food to the restaurant. The business uses online ordering system in its distribution channel that provides efficient communication and receiving of the raw food in a timely manner. The economic landscape has produced the significant impact by adopting the technological change in the food production.

The business gets the competitive advantage that will help the local suppliers by connecting with the local food buyers in the agricultural landscape. Along with this, the local and small farms gets the competitive advantage by directly receiving the customer feedback by providing them high-quality food and ensure the higher margin in their small-scale farming methods. In terms of restaurant, it has the opportunity to produce and attract the local customers by influencing the improvement in the local foods based on their dining experience, and it is surveyed that the consumers are expending more in restaurants then the local retail restaurant..................

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