Caesar IT Services Marketing Strategy Marketing Multiple Value Propositions in One Firm Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Caesar IT Services Marketing Strategy Marketing Multiple Value Propositions in One Firm Case Study Solution

Research Distribution Channels:

The best way to deliver the services and products of Caesar IT Services to its customers was through online media and billboards. Online media was the best way to cut off the costs of the advertising and marketing because most of the online media websites were free of costs. This online media strategy of marketing and advertising about the products and services of the Caesar IT Services would’ve reduce the cost of advertising expense and on the other side, would’ve increased the revenues for the company.

In today’s era, while the economic and financial crises are on top, there is a best way to acknowledge its customers about its products and services by reducing the company’s expense by increasing the revenues.

On the other hand in 2009, the targeted market of the Caesar IT Company were increasing the use of internet and spent more time on the social apps like Facebook, Instagram and other websites and apps. So, it was very much beneficial for the company to use this cost free techniques for its products marketing and advertising.

Defining Marketing Mix:

There are 4 Ps in marketing mix. These 4 Ps are the Product, Price, Place and Promotion techniques of the company.

Products is the two services of company that are providing by the Caesar IT Services. These two services are the body shopping and time value projects of the company.

Price is the costs of the services that are paid by the customers to the company. The time value projects that customers take the price as the most important feature to purchase these services. The results that are derived from the conjoint analysis are describing that customers range for this important feature for services is between -124.09 to +124.09.

Also on the other side, the price is also more important feature for the first services of Caesar Group which is body shopping. The results that are derived from the conjoint analysis are describing that customers range for this important feature for services is between -57.44 to +57.44.

Place, which includes the target market of the Caesar IT Service is the whole market of Nether land which had the expected size for revenues to the services provider companies of around 8.11 billion Euros in 2009.

Promotion techniques included the separate value proposition for both of the brand services like separate value proposition for body shopping and the separate value proposition for the time value projects. This would’ve helps the customers of Caesar IT Service to better understand the services and would’ve helped the customers to identify the differences between both services.

Financial Analysis:

As there was almost 0.4% growth in 2009, it was considered the low increase in revenues of Caesar IT Services in that year. Financial analysis of Caesar IT Service decreased in that year due to the huge investment in marketing and advertisement expenses, the result of this expense was to be seen in the future financials and revenues in positive nature when the severe economic and financial crisis would end. Because by reducing or in fact eliminating the confusion of the Caesar IT Service Company’s customers between its two interrelated services systems through two separate value proposition for the two services of Caesar Group, the customer would’ve purchased more services because the target market would’ve increased for these two products by differentiating the value propositions and services functions.

Review and Revise:

In this process, the Caesar Group needed to effectively and efficiently evaluate the marketing strategy after the certain time period for the better positive results upon the financials of Caesar Group in future. It could’ve been recommended to the Caesar Group to revise its value proposition on timely basis for increasing the satisfaction level of the customers.

The marketing strategy would’ve been successful if the company received the positive feedback from its customer side. To evaluate what the customer thought and perceived about your brand and value proposition, there was a simple way to conduct the interviews, take surveys containing the open end and close end questions, conduct the group debate from its two different services like the differentiation of services debate of Caesar IT Group two services, body shopping and time value projects and the last but not the least techniques for taking the feedback from its customers was open ended recommendation and suggestion sessions. Through this sessions Caesar IT Service could’ve received the point of views of customers related to its given services that what were the pros and corns in its services that they were providing to their customers and what value addition its services needed in order to grow up the morale of the customers and to increase their satisfaction level.

One Year Action Plan:

The reason to make an effective action plan is to evaluate the process of success of the company on timely manner and to evaluate the performance and activeness of an individual in the company (Develop an Action Plan, 2018). The points for measuring the success of the company and performance of the company are described below.

  1. The objective of the Caesar Group was to increase the revenues for the company by differentiating its services. It could’ve been made by making the two different value propositions for the two different services, body shopping and time value projects.
  2. There was a shortage of 950 ICT professionals for the whole Dutch IT market. To avoid this shortage from the market, Caesar Group needed to import these ICT professionals from the external market to meet the deadlines of the time value projects. These professional ICT specialist could’ve been hired from the underdeveloped countries in order to reduce the cost in the sense of less payroll expense as compared to that when the ICT specialist would’ve been hired from the developing or developed countries.
  3. To differentiate its services, Caesar Group’s one year plan was to make more efficient value propositions for both of the services separately. The both services were not interrelated, that is why the marketing technique of both services would’ve been separate from each other.
  4. Both services required the different types of selling concepts like body shopping required the push strategy of selling and the time value projects required the pull strategy for selling. In order to make effective selling for both of the projects, the Caesar Group should’ve made the different selling department for both of the services to get the maximum benefits and returns from it.
  5. The one year action plan included that, Caesar Group would run the promotional and training programs within the company in order to provide the detailed, knowledgeable and differentiable information about the two different brands of services of the company to its employees. This was very much important for the company’s success and profitability because if the Caesar IT Services employees were not be able to differentiate its own giving services than how they could’ve made sure that the customers would believe on this fact both of the services given by the Caesar Group were not inter-related...........

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