Marketing Strategy/Plan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing Strategy/Plan Case Study Solution


The product prices would be based on reasonable and affordable product pricing. Considering the market research, automotive products based on 3d printing model are high priced. Therefore, the product pricing would be based on competitive pricing policy. The changes and variations in the product prices would be mainly due to difference in the product type, size, and material.


The product promotion would be through advertising and public relations approach. The adoption of advertising approach mainly include mass medium such as internet, social media platforms, television, and newspaper. Advertising approaches such as social media marketing provides an extensive reach to the target market at international level. Similarly, the public relation would assist the organization in image building through significant increase in the credulity of the organization.


The probability of business success and growth in the automotive industry is considered high. This is mainly due to the reason that 3D printed auto-parts tend to be light in weight as compared to the existing car materials. But, the manufacturing and development of 3D printing products tend to be strong. Therefore, it is considered easy for 3D printing products to create support within parts or customizing the part density through controlling the printing process of the auto parts. On the other hand, the feasibility of the approach is evidenced by the price in case of proper implementation and its utilization for appropriate parts. It is considered to be less expensive as compared to the available conventional manufacturing products.This is primarily due to its capability of creating complex, and custom parts in an easy manner. This, as a result, leads to both time and cost-saving................................


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