Self-Branding Of Biomedical Engineering Consultant Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Self-Branding Of Biomedical Engineering Consultant The case solution

Promises and brand positioning:

Lab-kits would detect work on principle of quantitative measurement of eosinophils, basophil, or allergen from the pricked drop of blood from patient. It will be visually detectable just like pregnancy strips. Here, the main indicator for positive worm-based infection is intensified color, indicating higher eosinophils and vice versa. “The most common parasitic infections associated with eosinophil in refugees are the soil-transmitted helminths (trichuris, ascaris and hookworm), strongyloides etc”(refugee health I will be adding value to people’s lives by enhancing their awareness and improving their trust on conventional medicine by promoting easy home-based accurate diagnosis for minor ailments and infections, so that diseases that most of Asian take lightly or sometimes ignore, could be detected early. If it indicates when the doctor visit is must; the adherence to doctor at relevant time will increase.Considering this factor, my brand will be supporting healthcare system too. It will be authentic, easy to use and an affordable product, which could be supplied to buyers’ doorsteps. It will add clarity and would make healthcare convenient to people.

Positioning of brand:

Handy lab test-based idea is taken from corona test kits, which became very widespread during pandemic. Since during pandemic a lot of people are even scared of visiting hospitals;this kind of situation brought advancements in the e-commerce to a greater extent. And since,the current global pandemic has taken place recently; it will take time for people to readjust.Hence, launching handy and home-friendly brand in such circumstances would be a great win.

My brand will be unique and it would have an advancement of being digital unlike corona kits, and it would quick to give results unlike the lab tests. It will be something that can instantly be reported on mobile phones. This could be useful since healthcare itself is moving towards tele-health, as due to  the global pandemic; healthcare industry has witnessed a great deal of such products, like application that monitor the quantity and location of people suffering from corona and robots that move in malls to sanitize people.

Digital Marketing Strategy:

People in their 30’s and late 20’s would be more interested in simple health solutions and hence making social media most feasible marketing tool for me.

For social media; I would be using Instagram and Facebook, because everyone uses these social networking apps.On Facebook, most of the users are 30 plus who have their careers settled and often look to reconnect with their old friends and distant family members, for which they use Facebook. Instagram based blogging is very trendy these days and there are numerous doctors’ blogs on Instagram, with their followers belonging to every age group who often use their products and review about them in the comment section, making Instagram the most feasible social media resource for the advertisement of my product. My brand could be promoted by the medical doctor-based content writers, which would help me in gaining people’s trust over my product.

I will not use ticktock because mostly young generation use it, and they are not that much health conscious. But YouTube just like Instagram, is used by people belonging to any age group, so it’s a great source because its advertising is smart enough to promote my brand to the target audience. The biggest factor would-be building people’s trust, for which I would require medical professional to be a part either my team or at least be a part of my advertisement campaign.

Once sufficient trust is built; the next step will be promoting it on google Ad-sense and websites-based blogs, because that’s where people will come after they hear about positive and useful brand/product. Keeping in mind the importance of the accessibility and authenticity of the brand; it is always important to have a brand user-friendly website and brand page/account on frequently used social media. But, it is always important to start small, so I would start from medical blogs on Instagram/Facebook and then spread my roots towards LinkedIn to grow my team with professionals and then I will establish a website. Because social media fills up the need of my startup from low investment-based marketing, making it  a great tool for initiating a brand................................

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