Luminar: leveraging big data using corporate entrepreneurship Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Luminar: leveraging big data using corporate entrepreneurship Case Solution

The Data Analytics Industry

Entravision’s entry into the Data Analytics industry using Luminar’s first movers advantage will be discussed in terms of the synergies and limitations that it presents to both the companies. However, the data analytics industry needs to be understood first using porter’s five forces analysis to understand where the bargaining power currently lies. Appendix 1 gives a summary of this analysis.

The bargaining power of the buyer is low at this point since such a business has complete dependence on data analytical companies. In the age of rising competition, businessesproviding data analytics currently have a high bargaining power especially as the buyer is dependent on their databases of records and research about industry trends. At this point the threat of new entrants is low since there is extensive research and development required for developing systems that can offer the required analysis. However, with the ease in data sharing and cloud computing making it easier to access data, the threat of entry is increasing. The industry currently is new but there is competitive rivalry on the rise especially when the need for data analysis will become essential for attaining a competitive advantage. The traditional methods of surveys currently act as substitutes but with a new era moving towards digitalization, this threat would be low in the future.

Potential of Data Analytics for Luminar

Data analytics is an area which could offer substantial opportunities for Luminar especially because of Rios’s focus on Big Data which has increased the scope of data analytics. Since information is collected in the form of large pools of data from various sources it is only of value once it has gone through analytical processes to define trends and patterns which can be used for decision making.Unstructured data would not be of value to Luminar unless it has been refined using the given scope of data analytics. Luminar can cash-in on the various opportunities that data analytics provides.

Firstly all of the collected data has value for Lumiar since data analytics would refine it and structure it in terms of making it valuable for specific data users.With the growth in cloud computing and the decreasing cost of computing, data analytics has not only become cheaper but has become the need of organizations aiming for a competitive edge in different industries. With data analytics Luminar would not just be focusing on theanalysis of the general Latino market in the US which currently makes up a small portion of the overall US market but would be able to target specific industries as well.

For instance, with the help of data analytics, companies are able to make customized offerings to individuals which could result in increased loyalty for brands. Whether this is done for the Latino market in particular or is done for other segments in the US market, this is an opportunity for Luminar tohave a high bargaining power in terms of offering customized advertising information to organizations.

With data analytics Luminar would have a competitive edge in terms of offering Big Data processing much faster than the traditional approaches were able to. This way Luminar can offer data analysis for several industries which could be in the form of data analysis for the Latino market and also for the generic industries in particular.

Data Analytics could be used by Luminar for identifying patterns to generate pricingstrategies for companies. So for instance if a broadcasting company like Entravision wants to make use of this type of data analysis, it could sell its services to an industry in particular for helping them create effective pricing strategies. For instance, the travel patterns of the Latino market in the US could be understood through data analytics and travel companies could use this information to generate effective pricing strategies................

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