Doug Cook: Acquiring a Business (C) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Doug Cooke, an MBA graduate, struggled with one of the most important decisions of his career life: Which of the three seemingly promising business, if it gets? Each purchase was a real possibility, and one had the potential to be a successful business. Cook, however, I heard many stories about the confusion of other entrepreneurs go through this process. He realized that until that time the largest purchase he made in his life was a $ 250,000 condo in downtown Chicago. The acquisition of one of these companies will require financial and personal commitment more than anything he's ever tried. He felt the window of opportunity was closing. If he does not act now, it could find itself in the corporate world for good. Cook began writing a personal list of criteria for its acquisition, the research on the internet and media business for sale. Frustrated with the process, he hired a business broker. With the help of a broker, Cook found three promising candidates from which to choose: a luxurious brushes, Inc; Feldco Windows and Doors, Inc and the company Coyote Consulting. (A) includes the case of income, pro forma projections, balance sheets, and organization charts for each company, in addition to Cook's financial analysis and evaluation of each company. (B) in case there is a letter of intent that Cook gave the owner of the company he has chosen. In the end he made the purchase of the company, and (C) case, Cook is considering ways to growing his newly acquired company. "Hide
by Steven Rogers, Scott T. Whitaker Source: Kellogg School of management 2 pages. Publication Date: Aug 03, 2010. Prod. #: KEL486-PDF-ENG

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Doug Cook: Acquiring a Business (C)

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