Lisa Benton Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The paper describes the situation faced by Lisa Benton a Harvard Business School MBA who opts to work at House world and due to her enthusiasm and energetic behavior gets the job. However, Linton the product manager and the immediate boss of Lisa are not fond of MBAs as she is not an MBA. The paper illustrates the situation and the problem faced by Lisa as she decides to quit the job due to the reasons like lack of responsibility, poor relationships with the boss and the colleagues, and a bad performance review. The paper analyzes the situation and highlights the key features of each issue in order to get closer to the real issues. Secondly, the paper examines the role of Linton as leader and assesses her role that she has been performing at the home care division of House world as a product manager. Furthermore, suggests the idea or the method that can be adopted by Linton in developing an effective team. On the other hand, the paper also illustrates the factors that have restricted Lisa form pouring any influence on her boss and the team members and finally suggests the recommendations that she should have adopted in different incidents.


Lisa Benton a Harvard Business School graduate has been willing to work with a reputable firm and after her graduation, shequickly gets associated with Houseworld, one of the leading manufacturers of the consumer goods. However, her initial months in the company have not been very interactiveand effective which is why there are certain issues that have arisen. It's been four months since she has taken over as the product manager at the company, but in the meanwhile some issues grabbed prominence and needs immediate attention due to their immense significance.

First of all Lisa is not very satisfied and comfortable in the job and is considering a move or aiming to switch the job for which she has also contacted with her previous boss and adhere help from him. The first issue that is apparent in her case is the discomfort and frustration that Lisa is facing as she is not being assigned with enough responsibility. Being an assistant product manager and serving for almost four months, she is not being provided enough responsibility and this lack of responsibility is heating the frustration. Secondly, she is also not comfortable with her colleagues and the boss, that translates very poor relationships with her colleagues and her boss.

Besides that she has also entered a performance review of her past performance, which has been very poor. Due to all these issues Lisa is considering switching the job as she is not comfortable and does not have ample opportunities and chances to prosper ad excel in this place. Lisa is very concerned about her future and needs to take some immediate and quick decisions in order to ke3ep the doors open for her. She is not an MBA which is also a major hinders in her growth at Houseworld; therefore she is aiming to defy all these issues and come up with a probable solution.

The case illustrates various factors that are important to consider while analyzing the situation that is being faced by Lisa. It is apparent that Linton, the Product Manager of Home Care division and the immediate boss of Lisa is not an MBA and her fear of losing the job made her attitude negative and resulted in lack of responsibility. The obstacles associated with her progression and the elements like possessiveness made it further difficult for her to build healthy relationships with her peers.

Furthermore, the negative job review resulted due to the fear and negative attitude of Linton, the manager of Lisa, which directly impacted her performance and did not allow her to perform efficiently. The paper will construct an in-depth analysis considering all these issues to come up with the right recommendation.

Linton’s Leadership Approach

Linton is the product manager at House world and is associated with the company for the past seven years. With lots of experience at her back, she is adopted some un-attractive attributes of leadership in her personality that transform her leadership style. She is a hard worker and a consistent believer of hard work which, according to her is the only ladder to step ahead and reach success. However, she is not as qualified as her subordinates, as most of them are MBAs from reputed institutes and Linton does not have an MBA.................

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