Running Head: Café D. Pownd Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Situation Analysis

            Café D. Pownd is one of the cafeteria at the National Academy of Liberal Arts which serves meals to around 450 students. Apart from these students the faculty of the academy is also included. The case serves means to its students and to the faculty for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The café is open for 12 hours from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. however, the busiest time of the café is the dinner time and the peak period of the café is from 5 to 6.30 pm.

During this time all the students and the faculty members face the issues related to the waiting times. There is a variety of the snacks and meals that are served by the café including sandwiches, deserts, and salads and may types of beverages. The café has three waiting lines named as L1, L2 and L3. The first line is the line for the precooked food, the L2 line is the interactive cooking line where the students can cook whatever they feel like.

Finally, the last line which is L3 is the line where the students could pay for the meals that they have purchased. The students and the faculty members have raised a lot of problems for the waiting times at the three stations and that getting a meal at the right time was proving to be burdensome for the students. Jason Mah who is the assistant resident manager notices the situation of the waiting times at the cafeteria and then he further decides to investigate the issues so that they could be further discussed with the director of the housing services.

Problem Statement

            Major delays are experienced by the students and the faculty member of Café D. Pownd. The main reason for this delay in the services is the inefficient layout of the cafeteria. Therefore, some of the changes need to be made to remove the delays caused in the service times and for that Mah needs to design a plan and provide specific recommendations on how the waiting time could be reduced for the cafeteria services. In order to have an impact over the management board, Mah needs to perform a detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis to support the recommendations.

cafe d pownd case solution

cafe d pownd case solution


            Survey data was collected by Mah in order to provide some insights to the problems of the waiting times of the three different stations. The observations have been recorded by Mah by using the stop watch approach. The arrival time of the students and the service time for the precooked station, interactive station and the cashier station have been recorded by him for the peak time of the cafeteria which is the dinner time from 5 to 6.30 p.m.

            The quantitative analysis has been performed for the three stations by beginning with the calculations of the average waiting times for each of the three stations and then comparing the average waiting time for each of the station with the waiting time that was considered as reasonable by the students of the academy. The reasonable time according to the students of the academy were 5 minutes for the precooked station, 10 minutes for the interactive station and 1 minute for the cashier station.Running Head Café D. Pownd Case Solution

            First of all when we calculate the average waiting time for each of the station then the average waiting time has been calculated as the arrival time plus the time spent at the station./ The average waiting time for the precooked station is 6.26 minutes where as its expected and reasonable waiting time is 5 minutes. Therefore, the delay or the wastage of the time is about 1.26 minutes. Similarly the average waiting times for the interactive and the cashier stations are 10.79 and 5.71 minutes and the time wasted on these two stations is 0.79 and 4.71 minutes respectively. It could be seen that the maximum time is wasted or maximum delay is caused at the cashier station. This delay is caused for two reasons which are that once the students have chosen the candy or the salad it had to be weighed at the cash register and the second was that the prices of some of the items were not programmed into the system which took an extra 30 seconds waiting time.................

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