ITC LTD.: Toward a Triple Bottom Line Performance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The description suggests that there are fantastic opportunities for growth in the cigarette business. Nevertheless, there are challenges due to the health hazards associated with cigarette smoking, distortion in the tax system applied to the cigarette industry, and limitations on smoking set by new laws. Further, there are challenges in the market on account of smuggling, contraband products, and other problems.

There's a demand for the firm to decide on some courses for the future to meet the guarantee of a triple bottom line approach. The case, based on the actual issues confronted by ITC Limited, will enable pupils to comprehend the predicaments the firm faced in attempting to fulfill the social demands to ban or limit smoking. Any decision to stop creating and selling cigs has negative implications for the business. How does the balance that is right be arrived at by ITC Limited?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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ITC LTD.: Toward a Triple Bottom Line Performance

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