Style: the Use of Language to Persuade Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"Style, meaning how we use language, was underscored by the Roman rhetor Cicero as one of the crucial aspect of classical rhetoric. in terms not only of the words we use, but additionally in the sequence that we use them. If creation addresses what is usually to be said; style addresses how this will probably be said. This connection between style and innovation basically links content and style. But not everyone agrees on this point with Cicero.

The famous 16th century rhetor, Petrus Ramus, was the principal proponent of breaking up language (style) from argumentation and this has resulted in rhetoric becoming associated with flowery language in people's minds nowadays. Yet, from a classical rhetorical outlook, style is superficial not incidental, or supplementary: style names how ideas are embodied in language and customized to communicative circumstances. In this note we shall look at five language devices which Barack Obama used as the present master of the grand fashion during his first election campaign, with a view of illustrating the importance of the connection between content and language to the communication procedure.

Style the Use of Language to Persuade case study solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Style: the Use of Language to Persuade

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