BRITA: In Search of a Winning Strategy Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

BRITA: In Search of a Winning Strategy  Case Solution



This case explains the meteoric increase of Brita in the United States sector, following the acquisition of regional rights due to the Clorox Business in 1989, up until an abrupt decrease in 1999. The case information the different unsuccessful methods tried due to the brand name in between 1999 and 2006 and positions the concern regarding exactly what Brita must do to turn its fortunes around. The case provides the outcomes of a current division research study, which maintains the crucial to establishing the turn-around strategy.


Pedagogical Goals:

The goal of this particular case is to have individuals comprehend that correct strategy advancement needs the recognition of the target section and an understanding of exactly what owns them vis-à-vis the classification. Reacting to competitive relocations reactively just pushes away the company from its consumers and hands the effort increasingly more to the rival.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about Marketing

published: 01 Jan 2007

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BRITA: In Search of a Winning Strategy

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