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Many companies have a supply chain that are global. They begin with a search for components and raw materials around the world, and then move them to the main production site for low-cost countries. But few organizations have innovative processes that are equally global. That is, few companies have innovation activities that integrate distinctive knowledge of the world as effectively as global supply chains integrate distant sources of raw materials, labor, components and services. But some companies - Nokia, Airbus, SAP, and Starbucks, among them - managed to collect an integrated "innovation chain" that is truly global. They were able to carry out a process of innovation that goes beyond local clusters and national boundaries, is what the authors call "metanational innovators." This process requires three steps: exploration (finding the right pocket of knowledge from around the world), assessment (decisions on the optimal "footprint" for a particular innovation), and mobilization (to a cost-effective mechanisms for moving the distant knowledge without degrading it.) If done correctly, metanational innovation can provide companies with a powerful new source of competitive advantage. More and more high value innovation at a lower price "Hide
by Jose Santos, Yves L. Doz, Peter J. Williamson Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 9 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 2004. Prod. #: SMR142-PDF-ENG

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Is Your Innovation Process Global

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