Programs du Jour: Why Dont They Work Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

JIT, TQM, re-engineering, lean manufacturing, supply chain management, ERP, and this is just some of the programs that have been adopted by many companies, and then left without achieving the expected results. Why are programs that receive awards at a number of smashed on others? Constant efforts are often the difference. If the program stood the test of time, they should be allowed to do so. Managers must be prepared to learn from the difficulties encountered in the early stages of implementation and adaptation of the program for their own unique situation of the company. Here we share the lessons learned from the manufacturer that has successfully implemented a new program to improve processes. The key to its success was the monitoring of organizational and operational performance over time with good measures that reflect the agenda. The new program does not improve the final results immediately. Patience is well served if the current example shows that the corresponding effects in the processes of transition in a positive mode. If these effects are not understood, when it is expected to adapt the program to the unique context of the firm may be what you need and is worth exploring. "Hide
by John R. Olson, Gerald R. Aase Source: Business Horizons 8 pages. Publication Date: May 15, 2002. Prod. #: BH076-PDF-ENG

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Programs du Jour: Why Dont They Work

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