Tarnea Technology Solutions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This  case study on Tarnea Technology is about a startup, which was focused on providing supply chain solutions to the Indian pharmaceutical sector with a business model that linked vendors with retailers through a cloud-based interface, enabling real-time data provision. In building an equivalent of a stock exchange at the pharmaceutical retail value chain, Tarnea had developed the merchandise and finished the pilot project. The case study is set at a time when the company had to decide on (a) pricing for the two sides of the platform  (b) import of data from legacy products onto the company platform, (c) issues of direction of expansion , and (d) in their race to get customers, whether to outsource application development or do in-house.

Tarnea Technology Solutions case study solution

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION



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Tarnea Technology Solutions

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