Enterprise Logistics in the Information Era Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The emergence of the extended enterprise, group strategic communications company, focused on new market opportunities, signals a fundamental change in the nature of competition, rethinking the traditional relationship of the supply chain, and the new role of logistics. With its ability to span multiple functions and organizational boundaries, logistics is poised to become a critical core, not supporting the coordination and integration of the supply chain activities, which create both corporate and consumer value. This article describes the information-rich material and technical environment for the extended enterprise, in which transportation and industrial activities are fully integrated into the process of delivering a new product. This process is organized around the economy together in much the same way that mass production is organized around economies of scale. Economy together derive from how the company members to share information and conduct business. Deep exchange of information between members of the company is possible to create a knowledge-based logistics tools that create innovative sources of competitive advantage. "Hide
by Noel P. Greis, John D. Kasarda Source: California Management Review 25 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 1997. Prod. #: CMR088-PDF-ENG

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Enterprise Logistics in the Information Era

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