Is Romantic Love Psychological Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The study illustrates the long discussed and still the controversial topic in the history of psychology, philosophy and Biology- Love.Over the period of time, many researches have been proposed to understand the composition of love and to understand why people fall inlove.To elicit the fact, the particular research paper has been designed to understand the nature of love and what causes the individual to falling in love with a person of other gender and specifically that particular individual.

Researches have shown that love is abiological concept thatarises when one sees the person of desire and acts in a certain way aroundthat person due to the release of dopamine, estrogens, and other chemical compounds that increase the heart beat and make thepalmsweat.In certainchange in the environment, the brain triggers the chemicals to make aperson run from the situation of step forward. Many researchers including Dr-Zawia has proposed the natureof love as biological andimportant for mating. Love can synonymize mating in modern Biologythough mating is a standalonefactor of human life.
Is Romantic Love Psychological Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In addition to this, the philosophical aspect of love statesit as the eternal part of human soul that is induced in the body sincebirth.The famous philosopherPluto stares love as the basic human trait and the core foundation of the human being. He used the term soul mates, to define loveand its existence. According to a study couples are made in heaven and meet on the earth.Boylan supported the fact that in romantic love, the individuals tend to care for each other and make the world a better placearound them.It also connects with the psychologicalaspect and types of love and interlinks with the love type which is spiritual and selfless.

Lastly, the study finds the relationship of love and psychology by understanding different behaviors of humans in love.Under the major study part, love is regarded as the basic emotion that is present in the humanbeing anatomy as succinctly as happinessand sadness.In addition, love is related to the human mind conscious and subconscious thalamus, that controls theintangibles moods and emotions of the individual and thus makes it psychological in nature.Moreover, the research has also found the aspect of culture in defining love and relating it with the human psychology and its difference in display in public among different cultures.















Literature review

Love is the far most questioned and most studied component of the humanbrain. Manyresearches have been proposed and conducted to understand the composition of love withhuman nature.The most prominent research has beenproposed by Samuel Freud examplinglove under the three broad parts of thehuman brain ID, EGO, and Super Ego  (Wilken, 2003). In addition to this, (Selhub, 2009) it described love as a result  of biological factors.He supported his studybydeveloping the relationship between human brain activityand the action the body performs when it encourages the opposite sex real to its imagination and ideal set developed in the mind and brain since the age of puberty. In addition to this, he explained that the activity of falling in love or being in love is greatly supportedby therelease of Endorphins in the brain that gives the feeling “Feel good, calming” effects similar to the one that one feels when a mother touch soothes a crying infant.”.....................

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