It Goverenance At Worthington Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the project governance issues in the Worthington health care hospital. The hospital under the ongoing project management system has been unable to track the performance ofthe projects ongoing and also the completion date and period of the projects.It created an ambiguous situation in front of the management since the management has been unable to identify who is working on which project and of the projects are completed on time or not. This lead to ineffective channeling of the resources. However, in 2012, after the employment the new CIO (chief information officer), the CIO officer has identified the loopholesin the current project managementsystem of the hospital and has deduced some of the alternatives to include in the current project governance system, in order to streamline the functionsand operationsand reach the maximum efficiency in the long run.

Also, over the period of time, three approaches to manage and improve the project performance hasbeen developed.Three approachesincludedproject management office, as project portfolio management (plan view) and recently an incremental approach in plainview has been proposed to resolve the organizational silos, and to improve the efficiency of operations and streamlining of the functions.
It Goverenance At Worthington Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Keywords:  Project Management, Technology, Resistance, Organizational Silos







Worthington Healthcare System (WHCS) is a US based company with its facilities spread in St-Louisarea. Thecompanyoffers the healthcare services to the people through different offerings in differentdepartment.The. hospitalsdeal in majority in cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. Since its initiations, the hospital has increased its facilities and offerings and has raisedup to 3500 beds, with 600,000admissionsyearly and 28000 deliveries of new born. These ratios are excludedfrom the quantity of outpatient number which is also huge. The hospital has 210000 employees and 4800 physicians that works on different project in an attempt to improve the effectiveness of operations in order to improve the sustainability of the hospital in long run.

In designing the overall functioning and management of the system, the hospital has its own information system for the effective management of IT projectsrunning in different facilities and other relatedproject. The system is connected through central reporting system with individual project’s reports. Theinfrastructure of the project system outlines, that within the system each project is dealt independently and under the current scenario, the absence of proper structure in posing immense problems in mangling the projects as it offers no proper over-view or picture of the ongoing andfinishoperations within theinformationsystem. Also, it has lead ineffective data collection of the customersleading to ineffective data planningand project initiation plan.

The hospital uses Enterprise project management service (EPMS) and application, to collect, gather, analyze and monitor the data received from each project in order to streamline the further working according to the project governance, for example documentation and meeting schedule.

Over the period of time, with the movementtowards improvement the company has launched and designed three IT systemsto manage the project andalign it with the guidelines of the project management. Thefirst attempt designed and implemented the project management officewhich offered a separate reporting line reports to each of the project going in the hospital.This software however didn’tprove to be beneficial..................

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