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Question 1

Do the BTC’s respond to random arrivals? If so, how can we provide good, consistent service to our customer in such an environment?
Yes, the BTCs are responding to the random arrivals in the business. However, the random arrivals in the business are not at all deterministic. Therefore, if there is enough number of the counselors in such situations in order to manage the peal call volumes then a consistent and a good quality service could be provided to the customers. The call volume is managed by the BTCs if the average waiting time is 60 seconds. The average service time is 5 minutes so the total time spent on providing the service to a single customer is 6 minutes and the average time span is 30 minutes or half hour.

Based upon this information, the average calls on hold in a 30 minute time span has been computed and then based upon the total calls on hold the number of the TCs has also been computed by dividing the total calls on hold by 6 since, 6 customers could be served in a half hour time span on average. The recommended number of the TCs required in order to maintain a consistent level of service in each of the three areas are as follows:


Average waiting time 1 minute
Average time spent on call 5 minutes
Total servicing time 6 minutes

Time span 30 minutes
5 Customers in Half Hour
Total Working Hours (Assumed) 10 Hours
Total Working Minutes (Assumed) 600 minutes

Indianapolis Total Calls 1991 749
Calls Per Minute 1.24833
Calls per Half hour 37.45
Total Minutes spent 224.7
Average call on hold in 30 minutes 3.745
Total calls on hold 75
TCs recommended 12
Kansas City 436
Calls Per Minute 0.72667
Calls per Half hour 21.8
Total Minutes spent 130.8
Average call on hold in 30 minutes 2.18
Total calls on hold 44
TCs recommended 7
Dallas 327
Calls Per Minute 0.545
Calls per Half hour 16.35
Total Minutes spent 98.1
Average call on hold in 30 minutes 1.635
Total calls on hold 33
TCs recommended 5 ........................

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