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The report illustrates the findings and recommendations to the on-site refueling station, a refueling station that offers the services of refueling the trucks of the businesses when they are not in use. The major idea behind the business is moving fuel to the trucks and not trucks to the fuel. This saves the cost of the businesses and also improves the efficiency in delivering the products or services. The report outlines the current leadership style of the managing director and how it has to be shifted in order to bring change in the organization. In doing so, several leadership roles and techniques are used which are supported through leadership theories and frameworks. Since the company deals in fueling services industry, it is exposed to numerous challenges like the rising price of fuel, the increasing number of payers leaving the sector due to high cost of operations and lastly the availability of skilled staff which the management could use in order to delegate the power and responsibility to look into broader picture of the business.

Keywords:  Leadership, Operational Activities, Maslow hierarchy of needs, Transformational leadership
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OnSite Refuelling is a fuel refilling company founded in 2008 by Mr Adeola Ogunsina(me) along with my wife Georgia Ogunsina, with the vision to offer the services of fuelling the trucks when they are not in use or off-station. The main purpose of building such business model is to provide the businesses, the effective management of the fleet trucks to expedite the delivery and to reduce the cost of each truck incurred when the trucks wait at the station for the re-fuelling.

The competitive advantage of the business is that it offers the solution to reduce the cost of moving trucks from one pit to another even at the time of recession. It mitigates the need of thetrucks to move to the stations andfills the trucks when they are off-station. Also, another value proposition of On-Site Refuelling isthe great control over the cost of fuels, since the provider of fuel is single and that the unit cost is similar all the time it allows the customer to manage the fuelling costs.

Over the period of time, the company has improved its operational line and included technology into the functions to manage and also synchronize its offerings with the current market secretion. In doing so, it has incorporated the computer systems within the fuelling truck to offer an easy management of the fuelling data to the customers, offering additional services to customers to manage their operational cost and streamline the functions.

However, in the recent few years the company faces the issues in maintaining the sustainability of the company due to (1) Rising fuel prices (2) Increasing number of players existing in the industry and the staff management which has occupied my energy and attention, refraining and keeping me to invest my energy and time into more leading role for the organization. It has also given the rise to streamline the operation more strategically, in order to sustain the operations in the long run...........................

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