International Economics, 3. Theories of International Trade Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The book, for which this series of cases were built, is a 6-chapter book authored and printed in 2013 by Dr. Paul Torelli. The author believes that due to the influence of new technology, globalization, and international trade, company managers need more than ever to understand basic economic concepts to make well-rounded choices. To that end, this publication summarizes the conceptual basis of economic globalization.

He clarifies the core models of economic theory relevant to supervisors and how these theories provide a framework for interpreting the global economy. He suggests complementary readings including case studies and also shares insight on using the novel in management courses. In Chapter 3, Theories of International Trade (29 pages), the writer explains the basics of global trade by looking at the development of crucial concepts. He explains the variable proportion model and associated with theorems , which bestow increased reliability and empirical evidence. Dr. Paul talks about his observation with regards to policies related to trade and the tradeoffs ,which are internet to it.

Publication Date: 11/01/2013

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International Economics, 3. Theories of International Trade

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