EcoMotors International Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Eco-Motors, financed in part by Khosla Ventures, has to determine just how to proceed to market using a brand new technology for internal combustion engines for industrial and automotive use. The OPOC engine has opposed pistons and is a two-stroke engine, as compared to your more conventional in-line or V - oriented 6, 8, or 12 cylinder diesel or gas engine. A cheaper to build two-stroke engine has a high power output than a four-stroke engine but historically has been persistently polluting.

If the company be an invention company licensing its technology; an engine designer and producer selling to vehicle, marine, and fixed OEM firms; or a totally integrated power and transport solution? Is the value chain currently arranged, in going to market, what challenges are there, and how can this business flourish with this innovation which is cleaner and cheaper than the incumbent but challenging to explain also to deploy?


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