GT Automotive (B): Building A Global Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Denison, Daniel; Lief, Colleen

GT Automotive was fuel tanks, brake and fuel line apparatus too as a global leader in the generation of ventilation, heat and AC products, fuel delivery systems and fuel tank fill pipes, for the automotive aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers. Tim Kuppler was general manager of the HVAC component of GT’s North American company at their headquarters in Michigan. He located the work unit was not clear about its assignment and was resistant to change, when he took the job in 2003. Over the course of a year, nonetheless, the leadership team managed to help turn around the existing corporate culture.

The achievement of the North American group initiative resulted in Kuppler’s promotion to a fresh place in charge of global HVAC operations. Corporate culture would undoubtedly be an issue at the international level also. The scattering of the influence of diverging national cultures and the workforce around a wide geographic area would make Kuppler’s efforts to improve coherence and the effectiveness of HVAC’s worldwide operations more vital and more difficult. Learning objectives: This case serve to observe tangible ladders in endorsing real, sustainable corporate culture change; to replicate on the similarity and differences in enacting a shift plan in diverging circumstances; to highlight the importance of involvement of the workforce in the development of options.

Subjects: Corporate culture; Change management; Employee involvement; Team building
Settings: USA; Global; Parts for auto production; Revenues $2.9 billion; 2003-2005

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