Intelligent Medicine: The Novartis-Proteus Alliance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Novartis investments in startup Proteus Biomedical pharmaceutical giant gave access to technology that allows for the implantation of the sensor in the intake of pills and medicines, with the help of sensors, data collection and wireless transmission of drug compliance data for medical professionals to review in advance of certain vital organ health. One application of the technology is to improve medication compliance: if, for some reason, such "smart pills" were not taken as prescribed, patients can be reminded to comply with the recommended treatment regimen. The event, which is brief and based on the information, summarizes the nature and extent of the problem of non-compliance of drugs, describes some of the competing solutions to solve this problem, set out Proteus technology in this context, profiles of Proteus and Novartis businesses, and concludes, describing the challenges to Novartis how to decide which pill (s) to make smart, and the best selling smart pill (s). The proposed draft "Hide
by Anirudh Dhebar Source: Babson College 6 pages. Publication Date: December 1, 2011. Prod. #: BAB696-PDF-ENG

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Intelligent Medicine: The Novartis-Proteus Alliance

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