Gross National Accumulation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Low fertility, life expectancy, family breakdown, and other factors have reduced the size of the average family. At the same time, household size is decreasing, new housing offers twice the area per occupant of the old housing. Small households are inefficient users of space, utilities, furniture and equipment. How these factors converge, the result of excessive consumption of durable goods and huge estates simply awaiting disposal, when the baby boom generation passes. Legal heirs of the estates themselves batteries and will most likely not enough for what was left to them. What does the future hold for consumption, savings, and demand for housing? Boom at flea markets, big houses, warehouses, reducing consumption, or epidemic display and collection? Public policies have limited leverage on private behavior. "Hide
by Charles T. Stewart Jr. Source: Business Horizons 9 pages. Publication Date: March 15, 2006. Prod. #: BH187-PDF-ENG

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Gross National Accumulation

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