Henry Schein Doing Well By Doing Good? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

 Henry Schein  Doing Well By Doing Good? Case Solution 

Henry Schein, Inc. is the leading provider of health care product and service in the world. The company provides its products and services to the medical practitioners, office-based dental and animal health sites. The organization also provides its services to the administration and institutional health care hospitals, dental laboratories and other exchange care sites. As per the analysis of the company, it is evaluated that under the guidance of Stanley Bergman and other executives, the company had experienced remarkable growth in the organization. During this period of time, the company earned a profit of $9 billion, which was generated through the sales of its products and services. The main objective of the company was to maintain its position in the economy. Therefore, the company decided that it would focus on the small family owned business and will target the US and other international companies.

The organization focuses on providing valuable services to the customers with great care and respect. Therefore, most of the time was spent on maintaining and sustaining culture based care and respect for its customers. The manager of the firm believed that culture based care and respect played a vital role in the success of the company as well as this also helped the organization to gain competitive advantage.

The case explores the key principles of Schein’s culture as well as it also identifies the challenges that the organization has faced to maintain the culture of the company and to expand its business globally as the company wants to expand its business globally and want to become the first distributor of supplies in the china economy. On the other hand, the company also wants to become a first logistic company in the world, which focuses on the value added services as it believes that by focusing on value added services, the company would be able to meet its objectives and goal effectively and efficiently.


A great worker is an essential part of an organization’s culture; hence, in the appointing procedure,the interviewee’s capability to add to business culture is just as significant as their primary experience. However, the process of determining the right candidate for the right job is very challenging and it also determines that whether the person has a good cultural fit or not. This would be more challenging for interviewer to analyze the culture fit of the employees.

The main purpose of the cultural fit is to hire those applicants that perform well in the job and who are not likely to switch the organization. The second most important objective of cultural fit is that its delivers the messages during the recruitment and selection of employees. The third most important objective of organization is to help the employees in adapting the new culture.

The management team should focus on its hiring process. The interviewer needs to evaluate the employee at each state and to investigate that how the employee takes part in the organizational decision process and to see that how the employee makes efforts to understand the cultural values of the organization. On the other hand, the interviewer also needs to identify how the person can meet his/her task effectively and efficiently. However, the interview must evaluate that how they interact with other team members. Open-ended questions should be asked from the employee and also compare him/her with other employees who have similar skills and traits. The most important thing that the interviewer needs to evaluate is that whether the employee is able to understand the culture of the organization or not.

The organization should follow the three strategic objective and alternative,which are explained below and this will also help the organization to evaluate the cultural fit of the organization as well of the employees.....................

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