DVB: In transition Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

DVB: In transition Case Solution


This case focuses on DVB, which is a donor-based media news broadcaster. One year into its three-year transition into an advertising-based company and self-sustaining commercial multimedia broadcaster. The company was co-founded by Khin Maung Win and three others, whereas, Khin was designated as the Deputy Executive Director. The company, after a quarter century of conducting its operations as a donor-based company, generated funds for its operations from various donor. Now while transitioning into advertising- based, the company has faced its toughest challenge yet, where DVB needs to develop new capabilities while allocating resources to sales and marketing. The major challenge for the company is that it needs to acquire new staff that are creative in advertising and effective and efficient in sales therefore, the company should spend significant resources to recruit and train these individuals. The company should also consider the impact this transition will have on the brand image, since it is recognized as the most authentic, honest and credible news source in Myanmar. Its brand image is so well recognized and trusted that international broadcasting outlets such as BBC and associated press frequently rely on DVB broadcast for unbiased and uncensored news regarding political, cultural and military development in Myanmar. Another cause of concern for the company is the impact which the past political and social situation had on the company and the impact future political and social conditions of the region will have on the company. Burma/Myanmar’s population consists of diversified groups with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. The mentality of the people differs from each other, and there have been many instances in the past regarding the conflict between the people of the region due to the unstable political condition and corruption as well as the military’s thirst for power. Therefore, it only adds to the already unstable environment of the country.


DVB, the right path to keep the brand alive in the new Myanmar

As far as I am concerned, the steps taken by DVB are effective and will better serve the mission of DVB of providing unbiased and accurate news to the people of Burma. Previously, DVB was solely a donor based company, where all its operations depended on the donation received. The company received millions of dollars from a number of agencies over the years. This could be attributed to compromising DVB’s ability of being an independent news broadcaster providing accurate news to the people of Burma.

Strategic Alternatives to keep the Brand alive

Since the company could be influenced by some of the biggest donors to report the news as per their requirement,therefore, this brought DVB in a position where its existence and going concern were dependent on the donors. It is believed that the decision by the company to transition in three years to an advertising based company is a good decision, where the company will be able to self-sustain its operations and would not be dependent on the donation for its operational activities. In this way, the company will be better able to maintain its ability of an independent news broadcaster reporting news to the people of Burma. Once the transition is complete, the company will be able to generate revenues, which in turn, will sustain the company inits future endeavors and better serve its brand image and the mission of providing unbiased and uncensored news to the people of Burma. The company can provide news, which are not influenced by any third party or potential donor of the company. The potential effects on the company and its brand image in Burma and internationally would be immense and the people might stop trusting the news broad casted by the company. In the worst case scenario, DVB might be forced to stop its operations by the government or because of the lack of donations as other donors that donate to the company is because of their trust on the company regarding its reports on political, social and military environment in Burma.(Wood)....................

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