ILinc: Case Study of Start Up Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

ILinc: Case Study of Start Up Case Solution


Mark Bernstein and Degerhan Usluel are the prime players of Interactive Learning International (ILinc). The opportunity of ILinc originated from Usluel’s work with his instructor named, Jack Wilson, when he operated in as a developer on multi-media ventures amid his time at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. ILinc was touted as an organization that would exceed expectations in the business sector of corporate teaching; however itsome discernible inadequacies in which outside help wasrequired.

Wilson served as President and guide, while Usluel got to be Vice-President for Technology and Bernstein got to be Vice President for Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Wilson started serving as a part time President and full time Chairman of the Board utilizing 20% of his time advising from Rensselaer, during weekends, at night and or on other occasions.

It was settled in advance that towards the end of one to one and a half years, he would either stop Rensselaer and join ILINC LearnLinc or stepdown as President and CEO, select a substitution and serve on the board. The choice would be a shared and cooperative choice of the Founders.

Working with a group of lawyers, they made a Founder's statement that conceded 40% of the organizer's stock to Wilson and 30% each to Usluel and Bernstein. The declaration provided accommodation for potential future circumstances, for example, if the founder is leaving their seat in the board. Afterwards, they united as the ILINC Corporation, got a Federal Tax ID, enrolled with the State, gained the IP address name, and opened financial bank accounts for transactions.

1.      Carry out an internal assessment of ILinc and qualitatively analyse whether it is a promising company to invest in?

The internal assessment is done on the basis of strengths and weaknesses of the Interactive Learning International (ILinc) Business Plan:


1.      ILinc and the Online Training Marketplace:

ILinc, as it is said in the case, entered in a niche market. This is in 1993, where customized PCs were an anomaly and hence the "web preparing phase" did not interest a large number of organizations. ILinc just focused on organizations that were advanced in technology, class and a challenge geographically. This subsequently implied that the offer of ILinc’s product, GlobaLinc; will spare organizations world over, huge travelling cost for their employees, as they will no longer need to send their representatives to training facilities. It will likewise spare organizations time as well. As representatives will stay at the workplace for training, instead of spending their time travelling.

2.      Focusing on Fortune 1000 Companies

ILinc is targeting Fortune 1000 Companies as its business clients to sell their product. By focusing on this, $14billion dollar fragment in a business sector that is relied to grow at 50-80% yearly, ILinc as a start-up will have the capacity to target technically strong organizations with a large amount of spending on training plan, for example, Ford Motors, which is willing to invest about $100 million on staff advancement.


1.      ILinc is offering Vaporware

"Vaporware" is a term used for equipment or programming that has been reported to general people yet takes too much time to settle. The company’s business plan includes getting organizations on board and to compare their product with the GlobaLinc’s product, with the organizations completely understand that they will not get a finished duplicate copy of any hardware or software for less than a year.

This business methodology can prevent organizations that really need to invest in the product, as it might be more useful to them in terms of both time and money to their resources into their own long distance learning interactive media advances..................

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